Good Old Days … Or New?

Do you ever long for “the good old days?” Whether those are the simpler times of kids playing safely around the neighborhood in the 1950’s to the early days of World Wide Web or somewhere in between, I imagine most people over 30 have wished for the good old days.

I confess, I’m one who has wished that in regard to communication technology. (Some day I’ll tell you when we replaced our 2 pound “mobile” phone.)

I enjoyed a wonderful moment of solidarity with author Philip Yancey when he said, “I have a website. I’m on Facebook. But I don’t tweet!” I almost stood up and cheered. I’m in good company,

AND … [Don’t you love that word? Don’t have to choose between, you get the fullness of “and,” unless, of course, the “and” is parents saying “You’re grounded AND you’re cleaning the garage this weekend.” Yeah. And is more. Still like the word, though. Now back to our story.]

… God did one of his “A-ha” moment things the same day I heard Philip Yancey.

Professor Michael Clark rocked my world(view) when he used games & gaming to teach creative writing. It’s no secret I love Scrabble and other word games—but video games? Not so much. Time-waster (like parents used to say of television). Person-waster, really. Hours and years of creativity, energy, and LIFE of so many people poured out into – nothingness. What an incredible WASTE.

I cringe when I think of the inventions or new medicines or works of art that never emerge because the creator of it was busy having mock shootouts or racking up a pinball score. So many magnum (What is the plural of magnum opus? Opi?) never to be. People who never create the masterpiece they were put here to do. Connections and relationships that wither … or are never made to begin with. WASTE.

Whether this is a new view of cyberspace or just making a silk purse from a sow’s ear, I haven’t decided yet – but Professor Clark showed us how to use video game components to foster, not deaden, creativity.

‘Tis a good day when God opens a mind to a whole new realm of creativity, new vistas. Exciting, fun, LIFE. Definitely not waste. So kind of God to shine light on an entirely new perspective. Makes one feel young again—and enjoy these days of life knowing some day today will be part of “the good old days.”

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