Score one for old-fashioned initiative!

I just heard Chris Cox speak. From south Carolina, he was between jobs in Washington DC when the government shutdown began.  He went to the Lincoln and other monuments after hearing how vulnerable they were without guards, and decided to do what he could to make sure they weren’t vandalized.  Laudable, right?  What happened next astonishes me even more.

Seeing garbage blowing around and trash baskets overflowing, he got to work picking up garbage. Emptying and transporting garbage out of there, Cutting grass. Clearing pathways. When a tree (or part of a tree) fell and blocked a handicapped pathway, he got a chain saw, cut it, and removed it.

I’ve written a book, The Power of One, yet to be published, full of stories of individuals who have made a transformative difference by the actions they took. Chris Cox deserves to be included! I hope I get to interview and include him. But when asked by the TV host to share his website and contact information if people wanted to check out his work (He is an artist), he declined. He said he’d like to keep the focus on the “Memorial Militia” and having folks concentrate on keeping America’s treasures—and our image in the world—shining.

You can read more here or find links to a more on the story at my FB page.

Your thoughts on this self-starter who values our American memorials?

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