Writers Tips

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Here you’ll find writers tips I wish I’d known before I started writing fiction.

Links to helpful sites and just plain FUN!

Writing is first heart and art.

Pour your story and your heart onto the page before you scrutinize your creation for editing.

Writing is secondly – craft.

Find a good critique group –

Where they will point out such things as passive voice, need for action tags and powerful verbs, etc. But will also tell you what’s working well. I believe no matter how diligently we search for errors, we miss many because we are so immersed in our project. We know what we meant to put on the page–so that is what we see. Other readers are critical.

Read. Read for fun. And study craft.

Some resources I found valuable:

Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell

Long Ridge Writers Group has a huge archive of articles on all aspects of writing.

Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild – Writing courses, critiques, webinars, conference information.

Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook by Donald Maass

Angela Hunt has written a series of short books called Writing from the Front, dealing with various aspects such as Plot, Characters, Emotion, Point of View.

Writing is finally – business.

Attend writer’s conferences. Here is where the business is learned and connections are made. The business end of writing is all about relationships.

Randy Ingermanson synthesized tons of information on creating stories, the business of a writing career, organizing, marketing, and more. He offers many helpful resources free on his website and a monthly newsletter, Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine.


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