WORDS As Seeds, Stakes, and Harvest


Seeds, stakes, and nurturing yield a rich harvest of tomatoes. They can also yield a rich harvest in lives when planted by words in hearts.

WORDS ~ They’ve been on my mind a lot lately. I heard a few powerful, provocative statements that got me once again pondering their impact.

Words as seeds, words as investment, words like a stake in the ground that we shove into the earth, stake our claim and say “Upon THIS belief I plant myself.” Then like the center pole of a merry-go-round, we proceed to live out our moments, our days, and our decisions around that principle.

Robin W. Pearson is a mom and fellow author. She homeschools her 7 children. (I’m imagining Laura Ingalls Wilder’s one-room schoolhouse.) Recently Robin wrote about listening to an educational show on the mysteries of the Bible where “scholars, theologians, and experts” basically contradicted much of Scripture in “authoritative” voices. Robin pondered the impact of such scholars on children, asking, “How might they influence those tender hearts while they’re busy steering their seeking minds?”

Legitimate concern about the types of seeds planted.

Another vignette: After years of answering “Why…?” questions, instruction on living by God’s priorities, and modeling God’s empowering despite one’s feelings, a parent receives a gift of simple words strung together, “Where do you think I learned that? … From you!”

Or one’s heart fills with hope for the future hearing, “Next time we come here, we should …”

Bountiful harvest of seeds planted.

Condoleezza Rice recently shared a story that demonstrates the planting of seeds. She grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. One election day, she and her father were driving and discussing the candidates and election results. Referring to George Wallace, she said “Surely we aren’t going to elect a segregationist like that.”

Her dad said that it appeared Wallace would be elected.

As they passed a line of blacks waiting to enter a polling place and vote, she asked, “Then why do those people even bother?”

“Because they know someday their vote will count.”

Powerful harvest shared.

Proverbs 25:11 equates well-spoken words to precious metals.  What words have been seeds someone planted in your life? What words might be a stake for you?



So, barely back to the blog, I aim to catch up on some reviews.

GOOD NEWS Cover DPerinoAND THE GOOD NEWS IS by Dana Perino is like reading two good books in one.

First is an intriguing story of how a mite of a gal experienced life and became a powerhouse of a woman. It’s an engaging read, packed with poignant, piercing, or hysterical anecdotes from life on a Wyoming ranch to the halls of power in Washington, DC. (I challenge you to read the story about her podium without having an out-loud reaction.)

The shadow story behind is of life lessons learned along the way ~ the good, the bad, and the funny. Especially helpful was on “making butterflies fly in formation” and the importance of civility and networking in this tech-heavy world.


We all face challenges in our lives, roadblocks in our jobs, unfairness or losses in our personal lives, assaults to our economy and peace. In the Washington DC culture individuality, spunk, creative thinking, and joy are often ground out of those caught in the cogs of the political machine.

If Dana Perino, planted firmly in that DC culture can survive ~ and beyond that, even thrive ~ she has learned some life lessons and gained wisdom. And the good news is ~ we can too, because this intelligent and generous woman shares it with us in GOOD NEWS. It rightly could be called A Handbook for Success, but that’s not as much fun as the title she chose. But it is a good source to help young people avoid costly blunders as they set a course for their future …

STONE WALL-dry stone dyke w purple + flr 2

and for the rest of us to avoid slamming into brick walls and find peace and perspective. I think it always nice when I learn a lesson with a sprinkling of humor and grace rather than with a sledgehammer. I highly recommend AND THE GOOD NEWS IS.