Scroll LamppostWELCOME to my blog, written at the intersection of Our Plans Lane and God’s Purposes Boulevard.

This crossroads is a place I love to explore—so much happens here. New delights pop up every time I hang out here. So grab a spot on the convenient bench here and let’s chat.

To be very useful, every road needs …


Sign posts are a good thing. Helpful in avoiding all manner of hazards.

Beware Invisible Cows

Oh my.

A helpful warning, I suppose. But dreadfully difficult to follow.

Driving along a mountain road in Hawaii, I would never, ever have thought to watch out for phantom cattle. Would you?

So too, I never expected many of the potholes along my life’s road. They can delay, cause a detour, or downright disable us for a season. I’m so glad these hidden perils are not hidden from God, that He knows what lies ahead, and is more than willing to guide along the best path.

What are some helpful signposts you’ve observed?

6 thoughts on “Signposts

  1. Hi Mary Kay, Love learning more about you here and all you’ve done and are doing! Isn’t WordPress great? Love your pictures and everything. Very inviting. I will be back to visit :)…

    • Welcome anytime. :-) Gives us a chance to share photos. We could spend a lot of time doing that, eh? (So must wait until Wren’s story is finished.)

    • Familiar with that malady. Thankfully that is easier to recover from some consequences that have assaulted you! Welcome home and here.

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